Ten Word Stories Not About Death

Jade Gonzalez

He boards the one-way plane. Unfortunately, he couldn't escape.


Abby Waldo


 You're not coming back. I leave the light on anyway.



Hallie Prickett

“Well...sure,” she mumbled, unwell, unsure.

“What is it?”





Sara Lundeen


Tearing at the padded walls, he rages, but he’s outside.



Hope Anderson


He said, “Sorry, I’m from South London, darling.” She wept.



McCartney Elliot


He tugged at the leash, implying that we should go.



Alexis Englund


The warm sun beams down upon me and mocks me.



Liz Meyers


If only she could reach the stars captivating his eyes.



Shelby Rickert


Clementine's barriers finally break. She shoots her daughter’s kidnapper.

Delaney Ham

She reluctantly handed over the book, fear in her eyes.