After Dean Young's

     "Belief in Magic"

            Volume 42 ~ 2019


Humane Enchantment

CJ Melroy


The radiating sun plants itself in her smile,

Draws all kinds of people into her orbit,

The bruised and broken revolve around her,

Heat from her bright beams heals their damaged parts,

This is her magic.


Thought Filter

Zoey Evans


I am a filter

of thoughts. The bitter sass of self-hatred

clings to my sides

like coffee grounds as I pour the water

of truth into others’ minds.

Absorbing toxic images

out of their brain

and replacing them with joyful memories.

I am a friend in the hard times.

Whether negativity is spoken or thought,

it creates a tunnel

connecting our brain trains.

Their pain echoes and fades

as I read their minds.


Brutal Honesty

Sara Lundeen


I do not dole out opinions and advice

lightly. Truthfulness not heeded

hunts and haunts the receiver’s consciousness,

induces nightmares until they embrace

the magic of my brutal honesty.


Spoken Magic

Hope Anderson


My magic is my voice.

It lets me speak to unspeakable things.


Bailey and I bark conversations.

We gossip about our mail man

over bowls of cereal and kibble.

After breakfast, Bailey pushes me

out the door to the park.


There, we play catch.

I chat with the grass and wind.

Home again, I jump on my bed, lay down,

fall asleep to the voice of my pillow.


Fox Magic

Abbi Fox


The Fox’s magic is intriguing, astonishing.

Her magic is to be beautiful, strong, a lady, more.

To see the Fox’s magic, you must look, consider the real.

Once you hear the tale of the one who changes,

your belief will be hard to conceal.

Not until you’ve seen the Fox change, become

her natural self, will you believe.


Weather Awakening

Abby Waldo


I walk with change.

I have firefly eyes and hurricane curls.

I bring the angered storm,

the warm, sweet sunshine,

The soft tapping rain

and the strong blowing wind.

Sometimes I bring thunder before I’ve had my coffee.

It follows wherever I go,

The feeling in my soul

Erupts in the sky,

In the air.

Heat rises in a room

When someone smiles in my direction,

Frost crystallizes on walls

With a single glare.

There are days when it just rains

But with a smile, a touch of the hand,

A hello,

The clouds part again.


The Buzzcut

Gina Keplinger


My buzzcut is the magic, quick talisman touch,

frenetic fade, silver crop of un-curls grown

in any weather. When corn or sorghum is shorn

by drought’s indiscriminate talons, wheat fields

felled by flood’s axe, entire cities survive on

absence—townspeople brush my sandpaper scalp.

By every improbability, we break into bloom.


Magic Music

Natalie Malcom


Walking past a street piano, they beg me to play.

I reluctantly agree, wait for them to close their eyes,

Find the place in their minds.

I play. Out of the corners of my eyes, I see them

slowly disappear, dissipate into thin air.

I don’t know where they go, but I can wonder.  

I wonder if they visit past, present, future.

I remain in the music, happy.

When the song comes to a close, they appear again

Unvanished. Some smile, some sparkle like tears.

Some have closed eyes, others wide open.

This is my magic.


The Wink

Liz Meyers


The freckle in my left eye sparkles

Suddenly the man before me starts changing

He begins crippling to the ground, melting into nothing but water

Washing him down the drain of the alley

Unable to withstand my magic


Love Trip

Aly Lunsford


I wear my heart on my sleeve,

made Ryan Reynolds fall for Blake Lively,

made Kanye love Kanye.


My best friend was a dock on the water, fell for a hurricane.

My magic broke them.

I’m the green light for victims sitting on their roofs, waiting

For their Daisy Buchanan


Magic Hugs

Jacey Kent


My hugs cure cancer, rearrange the stars, pull the moon and tide, make the sun rise.

My hugs are diamonds. I give them to those in the rough.

I unmagic myself by keeping hugs in my socks. They begin to stink.

Hugs should never be stored. They need sunlight to grow.

Hugs dig their roots in deep, hold on tight.


Fluorescent Magic

Delaney Ham


Always knowing what to say is my magic.

Radiating in optimism, illuminating with kindness,

my positivity, luminescent. I make people open

like glow sticks, light bursting out of them.

They shine like fireflies through the darkness.

Changing Emotion

Liv O’Clair


Lay across

my chipping


couch of


Tell me

your darkest

secrets, your

biggest fears.

Tell me

about the time

you rode

your bike five

miles into

the corn and

wheat fields

because you

were trying to

catch the moon

for the girl you loved.

Tell me

how she

only wanted the sun.


I will listen.

Then my whispers

will wrap you

in layers of gentle


Sensitive understanding.

I will lull

you to sleep,

and tiptoe

into your emotions.

Feel the worry ease

away as I toggle

with the control

board of your pain.

I am your captain as

we maneuver in

clear skies and

dry eyes. I

promise my

emotional influence

will not fall

flat, then

wake and feel