Kepps: I’m definitely not encouraging you to swear, but you should definitely choose the best title, which is “Damned.”


CJ: Imagine being bitten by a radioactive lizard, but instead of climbing walls, your butt falls off when you get scared.


Kepps: I don’t believe in the Internet.


Abby W: I just hit my head on my computer from laughing so hard.


Kepps: Of course I’m lying. It’s magic.


Sara: This was going to be a happy story, but then I killed people.


Abby W: I’m a ball of sadness. And fear.


Delaney: That’s what the Google says.


Hope: Which sounds better: aftertaste or residue? Or is this too sexual?


Delaney: One time, I was stupid.


Abby W: It was magical! A raccoon!


Abby W: Is she (mentally) okay?

Liv: She’s from California.


Sara: Thank you,


Sara: I listen to “Fall Down Boy.” Sure you do, Gretchen.


natalie: There’s no casual way to have tape put on your face.


Sara: Wait, Zacob’s your brother?

Zoey: Yeah. I had to write a love letter to my brother.


Laney: I’m Catholic.

natalie: I’m Catholic.


Aly: Me, too.

JJ: Me, too.

Liv: Same! Catholic party!


Fox: I think I can talk to raccoons.


JJ: Stripes are my favorite color.


Hope: *humming to herself* “Puff the magic dragon”


Sara: I would rather get a deadly disease than talk to people I don’t know.


Hope: Awww, my beef stick!


Abby W: Yeah, I just need to learn how to think faster.


Liv: Dang, I just got shivers under my blanket!


Abby Fox: I can’t believe I just wrote an incest poem.


Kepps: We should all get this tattooed.


Liv: Snort that, Laney!


Laney: Cowboy hats bother me.


Aly: *reads sad, heartfelt poem about death*

Sara: They wouldn’t just leave the body.

Kepps: I can’t believe you just played Bop-It with a poem about death.


Abby W: My feet need to be free.


Liv: She was a God-send for the water.


Laney: I’m pretty sure that’s the guy I wrote a love letter to.


Kepps: I feel like these are the pants astronauts wear to the moon.


Abby W [to Laney]: You’re like a puppy person.

Hope: There’s never a dull Laney moment.

JJ: She’s definitely a glass half full kind of person.

Sara: She’s definitely a glass all the way full kind of person.


Sara: Mediocre plus mediocre equals kinda good.


natalie: The only bad thing this class has done is make me really sad that I can’t snap.


Laney: My armpits were cold.


Kepps: We’re gonna watch a dusty chinchilla.


Abby W: I gotta call you back, there’s a raccoon on the lawn!


Kepps: Club Lib.


Abby W: Maybe it’s just gonna push it all out of my eyes or something.


Kepps: You walk in and just sense can just feel that there is a claw machine.


Abby W: I feel like a bag full of oranges would be effective for what we’re trying to do here.

Laney: Why am I actually that stupid? That’s what ‘coon season' is?


            Volume 42 ~ 2019