Maddie: I don’t say funny things!


Jade: (On how to get good quotes) Just talk until someone wants to punch you in the face. That’s how I do it.


Cora: (to Gary) You have the personality of someone who wears suspenders.


Gary: I like to drink fish pee.


Jade: I have baby everything, except for spirit!


Liv: (About Hacky Sack) Live by the sack.


Anna: Have you ever heard the most beautiful word in the English language?

Cora: Is it my name?


Cora: (To Olivia) I just realized I’ve seen your boyfriend without pants on, and that’s really weird.


Jade: I’ll speak through interpretive dance!


Abby W: I don’t shake hands with second Garys.


Liv: My turban is lit!


Gary: One day, I found a bird...and I snapped its neck.


Jade: Sometimes I fantasize about being a golden retriever in an upper class family.


Sara: Be careful, or a hot date can turn into a due date.


Anna: Don’t eat Twin Bings. They’ll make you want to leave your family.


Evy: I just got a phone call from Ohio.

Jasmin: Ask them if they have potatoes.


Jade: The cops saw my brother on the toilet once.


Gary: I hope your day is 11:42.


Abby W: (about uses for a horse) You can braid its tail hair!


Jade: Who’s good at breaking lines?

Jasmin: I’m good at breaking faces!


Abby C: Is vanilla boring?


Gary: (To Cora) I’m going to make you move into the fridge. 


Liv: Hey, Tessa, I didn’t know you broke hearts for a living.


Olivia: I had a dream that I was pregnant with a hamster.


Jade: I’m a hoarder in training.


Gary: Yay! 21st century!

Sara: Wait, this isn’t the sixteenth century?


Liv: (to Evy) I just realized I’m dancing in your personal space.


Ashton (from Logic): I’m not cutting off my arms for minimum wage!


Anna: I’m going to cut off your leg.

Abby W: For minimum wage?

Anna: I suppose.


Jade: We can fill those ice cube trays with the blood of our enemies.


Gary: Snapchat that.


Liv: How do people find celebrities in grocery stores? I can’t even find my parents.


Jade: The fact that you’re eating something artificially grape next to me makes me want to punch you in the face.


Liv: Now I have to think about people. Gross.


Evy: I’m trying to words, and it’s not working.


Gary: Go sit in the corner.

Jade: It’s like my childhood all over again!


Anna: Let's take a moment of silence for the bottom 5.


(After Abby and Abby both respond to their name)

Olivia: I do that too when people say Liv.

Tessa: I even do that when people say Liv, and my name’s not even Liv.


Jade: I wanted to die when I’m forty by falling into a stampede of ostriches, but I think that’s too violent.

Abby W: Did Jade really just say that something is too violent?


Sara: The voices in my head are hilarious. I just forget that you all can’t hear them.