Creative Writing Class

The Class


Each summer since 1977 as part of ESU 11’s Summer Honors Program, twelve students and one insane writer, have gathered together to learn more about creative writing. 



The Anthologies


Each year the students have created an anthology of original work made up of their poems, short stories, personal essays, and stage and screen scripts.  In 2009, the creative writing class partnered with the Art Class to include original art in the print anthology.  In 2015, the creative writing class moved the anthology from print format to this online site.   




The Gnome


Since 2004, the creative writing class has been tasked with protecting the gnome, Yukon Cornelius Albus Dumbledore.  Over the years, the gnome has been broken and glued dozens of times, and every other year, the gnome is stolen by another class, and each year Yukon finds his way back. 



      The Gnome Keepers:


       McCartney Elliott:   2021-present

       Hope Anderson:       2020-2021

       Sara Lundeen:          2019-2020

       Abby Waldo:            2018-2019

       Jade Gonzalez:         2017-2018

       Abby Waldo:            2016-2017

       Cora Welton:            2015-2016

       Monica Bell:            2014-2015

       Faith Aberle:            2013-2014

       Bailey Williams:      2011-2013

       Devin Koch:             2010-2011

       Kyle Chesterman:     2009-2010

       Brianne Keller:         2008-2009

       Brettany Wilson:       2007-2008

       Laura McAtee:          2006-2007

       Mikah Tacha:            2004-2006





The Creative Writing Instructors:   


Tyler Jacobs:               2020-

Gina Keplinger:          2019-

Gary Dop:                   2009-2018

Matt Mason:                2002-2008 

Ron Block:                  1998-2001

Neil Harrison:             1997

Ellen Kester:               1995-1996

Gary Eller:                  1994

Bart Sutter:                  1993

Nancy McCleery:        1988

Bill Holm:                   1985

Billie Jean James:        1981-1992

Jim Heynen:                1980-1987

Sara Edwards:             1978-1979