Volume 43 ~ 2021


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Hope Anderson (Holdrege - 5th Year SHP) Hope Anderson leads a very controversial life: she sleeps with socks on, opens chip bags upside down, and eats her pizza backwards. She has the unique talent of snapping with her pinkies, which makes up for her lack of ability in cartwheels and swimming (she’s managed to almost drown on five separate occasions in a wave pool). She loves pasta, especially chicken alfredo, but has never tried ramen noodles. Hope can typically be found knitting or singing and dancing with her sister when she’s not watching “Suicide Squad” in theaters for the ninth time.

Delaney Ham (Holdrege - 4th Year SHP) Delaney absolutely loves coffee, cacti, succulents, fun graphic t-shirts, Disney, things that are related to music and theatre, stickers, dinosaurs, and vanilla Diet Coke from Sonic. She has horrible reflexes and can lick her elbow. But you can't forget about her 14-page Google doc of the interesting things she says. Delaney is the kindest, most motherly person you will ever meet!

McCartney Elliott (Holdrege - 2nd Year SHP) McCartney Elliott is a very lively girl. She loves cows, chocolate ice cream, flowers, and the love of her life, Harry Styles. Her favorite show is The Office, and she loves to dance and she does track. She also likes to play minesweeper. McCartney can’t go a day without her hydro flask, and you should also know that she has to use her fingers to count. Whether she’s out in the world rocking her favorite color, light purple, or staying in with her two Golden Retrievers, she’s still a very enthusiastic person to be around.

Jacey Kent (Cambridge - 3rd Year SHP) Jacey Kent is The Queen of All Things Artsy. She writes, sings, acts, and draws, but most importantly, she will never be caught without a book in her hand. Jacey cannot conceal the fact that she is a reading addict. She has to weekly attend RA (Readers Anonymous) meetings to help with her addiction. The Queen of All Things Artsy is also a mother to 3 children and a grandmother to 5 amazing grandchildren, all of whom she feeds kibble to. When she is not around her family or stuck in a fictional world, she is at the circus. She shows off her many unique talents and concludes the show with her grand act where she licks her elbow and then sticks her tongue up her nose. Once she closes the show, Jacey hops into the Mystery Machine and drives off with the Scooby-Doo Gang. 

Mercedes “Sadie” Holmes (Minden – 1st Year SHP) Sadie wanted to be an author since fifth grade. She loves cats but isn’t quite sure if it borders on obsession. Strawberries and chocolate are her favorite combination. She is a big fan of rolled-up t-shirt sleeves and makes sunburnt shoulders a fashion statement. When she isn’t writing her own poetry or prose and not in the midst of a fantasy story, you can find her enjoying theatre, dance, and art. Her biggest regret is that she never learned how to whistle. She plans to attend Wayne State College in the fall.

Ely Pittner (Minden-2nd year SHP) Ely is the artist formerly known as Disco Dan. He doesn’t iron flags on his polos, they just appear there because the universe understands he’s a pretty big fan of United States history and can name, like, three of their songs. Ely isn’t known for popping corn or locking and dropping it, but for popping his shoulder out instead. (Some people say that sound laid the beat for Woody Guthrie’s last country hit.) Ely will almost certainly tunnel his way to Lincoln this fall, as he really digs digging. On campus, he might learn the second half of a language, or major in Exceptionally Good Haircuts.  Legend has it, Ely once said, “This is the most fun I’ve ever had.” He was obviously referring to polishing rocks, and was not at all talking about his time in the Summer Honors Program.

Maxine Fickenscher (Axtell- 1st Year) Maxine Fickenscher shines bright in her class. She is double-jointed in her fingers and has two middle names- Marie Annette. She is obsessed with reading and writing fantasy books, and she loves the color periwinkle. Maxine has finished her freshman year with a 4.0 GPA. She is also obsessed with stickers, music, and her favorite animal; the sea otter.

Kylie Burken (Holdrege - 1st Year SHP) Kylie loves listening to music, specifically the band Twenty One Pilots, and is a multi-instrumentalist. As of now, she plays a total of six instruments, including the ukulele, guitar, bass guitar, trumpet, mellophone, and drums. She is an insanely talented musician with a great passion for the art of music. She is also an artist, specializing in drawing/sketching. Her drawings are typically of people and they are very detailed and realistic. She has been to one concert before. She enjoys traveling and she has been to Utah, Iowa, and she’s done three years of Timber Lake church camp. She loves writing, specifically doing poems and she often spends time watching The Office, as well as eating gummy bears and drinking Monster energy drinks. She loves cats and she has over twelve cats. She loves 80s culture and finds herself wishing she grew up then. She prefers being comfortable, which for her, includes having her hair down as well as wearing hoodies and leggings. Kylie is beautiful in and out and is dedicated to helping others and values being a good person.

Danica Ervin (Cambridge - 1st Year SHP) Danica is a girl who loves sleeping in whenever she gets the chance. Harry Styles is the artist she listens to the most. Macaroni and cheese is her favorite meal to have any time of the day. Disney is the first thing she’ll watch on an uneventful night. Her beloved pet cat is obese, but she loves him all the same. The pink color of summer sunsets, strawberries, and hearts full of appreciation is the color she loves the most. Danica is a quiet yet funny girl who loves hanging out with her friends and loves making new ones. Her fluffy pink blanket and heart-shaped glasses are unforgettable. Danica is a friendly girl that you can find typing up a story on her computer in her free time. She enjoys writing poems and playing softball when the season is on.

Emma Grube (Minden- 1st Year SHP) is a zookeeper who has 27 chickens, 18 cats, and 8 horses - don’t ask her what their names are. When she is not spending time with her animals, she can be found in the library reading all of the books. She might have a hard time reading though because she has a tendency to break her glasses. One time she broke three pairs of glasses in a year and a half. She might have broken them by jamming out to all of the 80s music she listens to. Emma is a master survivalist and can live on only four hours of sleep. One of the most dangerous stunts she accomplished was eating an earplug.

Alizabeth McDermott (Holdredge- 1st Year SHP) Alizabeth favors all the shades of blue light can create. Judging by her love of the song “We Didn’t Start The Fire”, fires, burns, and flames, she might be an arsonist. But despite that concerning quirk, we love her anyway. She loves the dark when she’s with her friends, and her S-10 parties in the country are the bomb. Music and nature- specifically alpacas- make her happy. She and her friends use Discord to spread a bunch of that around. She travels a lot in nature, on nature, and through nature. Her favorite math equation is music=life. Obviously, with math skills like that, it’s easy to see how she’s a straight-A student. She knows so much about mountain parkour, so don’t be surprised when she sticks a backflip off a cliff. Don’t make her mad because she will literally put an arrow through your heart with her marksmanship aim (with a little help from her bow of course). But also don’t make her mad because she has eleven loyal SHP Creative Writers who will always back this Warrior Queen up.

Jerzie Vap (Holdrege - 1st Year SHP) Jerzie is a personality and a half, one of the most quotable people in this class. From her incredibly creative writing to the jokes that she makes, Jerzie is one of the most interesting people that we know. She loves many things, from eating ice to snakes and reptiles, Minecraft and onions, and of course, she loves to read books. Jerzie is the kind of person that our class will most likely never forget.

Gina Tranisi (Omaha - 3rd Year SHP) Gina is one of the SHP instructors for creative writing this year, along with Ty Jacobs. Her favorite poem is “Oranges” by Gary Soto. She lives in Omaha and has to join the classes by Zoom on Ty’s computer.  She loves coffee, snow cones, and blue raspberry slushies. She also has a crush on Machine Gun Kelly, and she has seen him in concert four times. For a fun fact, Gina used to have a half-shaved head. She also loves going to the mountains and Estes Park, where she eats at Penelope's and stands in runoff water from the snow.


Tyler (Ty) Jacobs (Kearney – First Year SHP) Tyler is one of the two Creative Writing Instructors for the 2021 Summer Honors year. If this awesome, tattooed, coffee-loving Ed Sheeran look alike could, Tyler would remain barefoot for his whole life while playing songs on repeat. He has gone to live in a houseboat shoeless for one day. Tyler likes bicycles and keeps three in his living room. He owns two typewriters as well (but neither of them actually work) and is obsessed with Gordon Ramsey cooking shows.