Volume 43 ~ 2021     


Ty: Never use the "b" word -- bad.


Ely: Just don't check my sock drawer.


JJ: I like benevolence. It sounds evil and good at the same time. 

Alizabeth: How do you spell benevolent?

JJ: It is like bene and then violent. 


Hope: I am just weird.


Delaney: I call green ducks oreo butts. 


Gina (via ZOOM): Get rid of my face!


Ely: I have a shovel in my truck if anyone needs one.



Alizabeth: How did we go from french horns to magic ducks?!?


Ty: I have three bikes in my living room.

Emma: I have half a bike.

JJ: Do you mean a unicycle?

Emma: Nope!


Ely: Lost in the sauce, I ain't even got the dressin'. 


Maxine: Why is afro such a weird word?

Delaney: I am hurt, I drive him around.

McCartney: If I was a super hero right now, I'd be super tired.


Ty: What does joy feel like?

Ely: Hot water on a sunburn!

Alizabeth: I burn like garlic bread.

Gina (via ZOOM): I feel like this weird talking head.

Jerzie: I have short term remembery loss. 


Hope: Speaking of forgetting things, my mom left me at church one time and didn't remember me until dinner. Perks of being a middle child!

Maxine: 'Cause snitches get stitches, and then get left in ditches. 

JJ: Ummm writing IS fun. 

Maxine: I don't speak "sound" language.

Ty: So we will NOT be huffing gasoline.


Sadie: People whose hair is spiked up on top and flat in the back is bad. 



Jerzie: Every time the chair moves, I think it is a fart.

McCartney: I think we need to tally every time you talk about farts.

(There were too many times to count)

JJ: You haven't truly lived until you've choked on air and almost died. 

Ely: People who don't like dark chocolate are just weak.


Jerzie: You smell old.

Laney: It just looks creepy from the outside.

Ely: Yeah. I would gladly be stabbed there. 


Hope: I have a Bang, so I have lots of juices in me. 


Ty: Are we all familiar with Poetry Magazine? It's a magazine... there's, like, a lotta clout. 


Emma: Have you ever snorted a pixie stick? 'Cause I have.


Ely: I haven't hit writers block, I have hit writer's Berlin Wall.


Ty: That's bussin' bussin'!


Laney: That was supposed to be a hair flip, but I have a freakin' pony tail in my hair. Truly, I just can't do it.


Hope: I was born to play in mud. 

Ely: My cat never listens to me, and now he is dead.


McCartney: Hey guys! Gina is here! Like in real life!


Ty: It is okay to lie.