Jade: I think we should make a national competition for ninja paintings.

Gary: I'm maturer.

Hope: Bill Clinton is hot.

Alexis: I eat, sleep, and breathe cats.

Abby: This is my last handful of chips.

Gary: Brothers of the rainbow. That could be a gay bar name.

Delaney: If I hit a star, I'd hit it like a glass door.

Jade: Beef jerky is the meat of the gods.

Liz: I went to McDonald's four times in one night.

Gary: We have lots of great writers here this year, and Abby.

Hallie: Cow husk? That's a good name for a band.

Hope: I want to be a ripped frog.

Jade: Gary Dop doo doo doo doo doo doo

Alexis: Have you ever heard a duck be strangled?

Gary: There's no gerbil in this graduation speech.

Sara: I blame my Scandinavian heritage.

Delaney: I say a lot of stupid stuff, you just haven't written it down.

Gary: What's your favorite color?

McCartney: Green. Wait, I don't even like green. I just felt pressured.

Shelby: I wonder what it would feel like to only stand on two legs.

Liz: Do you like my paw patrol cape?

Jade: When I was little I thought the freckles on my hands were gravy and I tried to wash them off.

Hallie: Fine, don't listen to the teen mom.

Abby: (while discussing the movie A Quiet Place) It's really a movie that's fun for the whole family, without the murderous monsters.

Alexis: My mom has taken a bath in a toilet.

Hope: A tangerine is an animal, right? Like a little monkey?

Delaney: I'm going to make a little buffet on my stomach.