SHP Art Class

This is the work turned in by the 2022 SHP Art Class. Enjoy the artwork :)

Ali Webb - Coca Cola Queen - Mixed Media.png
"Coca Cola Queen"
Ali Webb - Cambridge
Mixed Media
JoLie Farr - Cambridge
& Caleb Walters - Eustis-Farnam
Mixed Media
JoLie Farr & Caleb Walters - Heather - Mixed media.jpg
Caleb Walters - Impression _Minecraft_ - Acrylic paint on paper.jpg
"Impression 'Minecraft'"
Caleb Walters - Eustis-Farnam
Acrylic Paint on Paper
Maddi Korman - Alma 
Acrylic Paint on Canvas Panel
Maddi Korman - screentime - acrylic paint on canvas panel.jpg
Cassie Bershausen - The life of day and night - Reclaimed wall hangings, acrylic paint.jpg
"The Life of Day and Night"
Cassie Bershausen - Minden
Reclaimed Wall Hangings, Acrylic Paint
"The Illusion of Love"
Kallie Felzien - Southern Valley
Colored Pencil on Paper
Kallie Felzien - The Illusion of Love - Colored pencil on paper.jpg
Ella Walters - Eleven - Digital drawing.jpg
Ella Walters - Eustis-Farnam
Digital Drawing
"Night in the Treehouse"
Jonah Felix - Alma
Acrylic Paint on Paper
Jonah Felix - Night in the tree house - acrylic paint on paper.jpg
Madison Wood - Flower Basket - Acryclic on canvas.jpg
"Flower Basket"
Madison Wood - Holdrege
Acrylic Paint on Canvas
"Lone Bench"
Lilie Scism - Holdrege
Acrylic Paint on Canvas Panel
Lilie Scism - Lone Bench - Acrylic paint on canvas panel.jpg
Jordyn Cross - Kevin the Deer - colored pencil on paper.jpg
"Kevin the Deer"
Jordyn Cross - Cambridge
Colored Pencil on Paper
"Little Cottage"
Brooklyn Dye - Wilcox-Hildreth
& Madison Wood - Holdrege
Acrylic Paint on Textile
Brooklyn Dye and Madison Wood - Little Cottage - acrylic paint on textile.jpg