Slam Poem
     "A Dozen Adaptations For The                  Socially Distanced"

            Volume 43 ~ 2021


Mercedes Holmes

Smile, don't smile, chest out, gut in

turn your head left, right, up, down and all around

My mother barks every night as I pose for a photo recreation 

As I pull my hair out wishing I could be anywhere else in the nation


Ely Pittner 

Locked in my home

With my stove of gas

The Federal Government 

Can kiss my...


Jacey Kent

Grass - grassy green pastures! Quarantine smelled like grassy green pastures.

And musky newborn calves living behind our house.

It looked like soft, warm cushions, getting lost in a book or indulging in TV on the couch


Emma Grube 

Stretching across a horse's back

Soaking up the rays of sun

Sitting around a campfire, taking in our stars above

While falling asleep to the locusts’ low hum


Delaney Ham

During quarantine, I exchanged my clothes for pajamas

and my productivity for “Grey’s Anatomy.”

I became an okay plant mom (RIP Oliver), drank coffee

as a form of therapy, and completed exactly one video

of the workout program, I said I’d do.


McCartney Elliott

Last April, I purchased blue light glasses on Amazon.

Hoping they would solve my online school headaches

My calendar had no pages, months, or days

Instead I measured time in how much weight my new puppy gained


Danica Ervin

During quarantine I got obsessed with my phone

My sister stayed by my side so I wasn’t alone

I went online shopping most of my time

But overall, I was fine


Maxine Fickenscher

There was a lot of time

The days were one continuous long line

Devoted to reading way too much fantasy and sci-fi

Watching movies that either made me want to yell or cry 

That was my quarantine life 


Hope Anderson

In mid-March I divorced my mascara and melatonin,

I binged Outer Banks as I ate pizza rolls

And then slept till noon.

I spent my Fridays in a car with the windows down and the AC on


Jerzie Vap

Days spent in bed,

Not a worry in my head,

Enjoying my games,

Praying the world won’t go down in flames.


Alizabeth McDermott

Social distancing had my face half covered, 

Like a bandit concealing a secret identity.

And quarantine truly made me, 

Weirder than scientists even thought possible. 

Kylie Burken

"Days in summer quarantine

were hours of random videos on TikTok

and car trips as entertainment

I'll fall asleep to the sound of

people screaming on the internet,

knowing tomorrow will be the same"