Volume 44 ~ 2022

Elizabeth Meyers


Texting My Ex 

“Liz you are my life” you once said to me, 

The words falling from your soft pink lips meant everything at that moment. 

“Liz, I’m so sorry, I never meant to hurt you, I hope you can forgive me”

How are you supposed to forgive the person you handed your heart to? 

Only to have them shatter it into countless shards within their calloused fingers. 

“Liz, I’m just done. I don't want to ever try again with you.”

You have no idea how much those words belittled me 

while reading through my tear-coated screen.

“Hey, Liz do you think we could still get a prom picture together?”

You told everyone that I was forcing you to still attend prom with me, 

why would I let you and your stupid striped tie stomp on my heart all over again?

“Liz I think that we should just break up... 

I want you to stay in my life though. I will always love you.”

If you loved me so much then why would you cheat and send her a tik-tok about loyalty?

“Hey Liz if we do decide to go on a break can we promise something... 

That no matter what we will get back together no matter how long it takes....”

I can’t promise you anything, because unlike you, 

I make sure I don’t break my promises.

“Hey Liz before I leave can we still be friends”

So much for a farewell when you left me for anyone else. 

Still, I catch your auburn eyes following me around, 

While mine stays facing forward with my head held high into a brighter, happier, healthier future.





Just, one more cut, one more burn, 

But, then what? 


Only, one more hit, one more inhale, 

That’s it. 


At least, one more prick, one more image, 

Just more knick. 


But, can I have, one last kiss, one last hug, 

Can I have one more wish?

Sneak Peek: Forbidden 

Rule: Hybrids are forbidden, if caught, it is considered treason and 
any involvement is a sentence to death. 


   My eyes snapped open with a spark of disorientation. I looked around my crystal cluttered room for a clue of my disturbance. Suddenly I felt the prick for a second time as the smell of burning incense wafted through my nostrils and I made the connection. My mother’s link had called me to the audience that had gathered on the main floor at such a late hour. That strong spark within our bond had only grown in size since my father died a few years prior. Being drug away from my thoughts I knew my mother’s patience had run out. Right as I placed my hand on the doorknob I was swept from it in a purple mist. 

   The throat-clenching feeling hit me as soon as the scent reached my nose. My mouth began to water as my eyes darted across the dark and barren streets. Her body was small and frail and I knew she wouldn’t be able to fight back with as much force. A generous feeling had taken over my senses and I knew that I would have to make this one go fast. If not, the guilt would settle in and I’d go thirsty again. 

   A new sense of power flooded through my veins as I stood over his cold, limp body. The fur had receded back into his skin and the paws had retracted into hands and feet. Staring at my victory caused a ripple through my smokey silk coat. I felt a prickling sensation above my snout. My head cocked to the side towards the reflection of the moon and myself in the pool of blood below me. A glowing star had been strategically placed right above my eyes, ideally in the center of my forehead. 

   I searched for a place to hide under the treetops and blanketed atmosphere. I could hear someone or something following my trail intently. I couldn’t save my tired wings any longer, I had only one shot at escaping. As the ground disappeared out of reach I only looked above as I climbed higher into the star-scattered sky. 


Sunflowers on Concrete 

The water continues to lap over the edge while crashing over the chunks of concrete. 
Your voice echoed in my heart beckoning me towards the pond. 
Tears stream into the sleeve-covered hand wiping across my face. 
The only image echoing through my mind is your body struggling in the driver's seat. 
Cries for help and a raised voice of fear calls through bubbles rising from the depths. 
A phone rang for help at 11:10 p.m., but the heart-wrenching ache already settled in. 
You weren’t supposed to be at this location in the first place. 
November 5, 2020… 
Time of death, unknown; 
both were deceased at the scene.