Volume 44 ~ 2022

Lilly Sayer


Your world is a car

A car won’t turn the key, you have to ignite it 

A car won’t put itself in gear, you have to shift it

A car won’t apply the gas, you have to push the pedal

A car won’t steer itself, you have to direct it

A car Will break down, You have to fix it

Your death will sit in many empty hearts

Its weight carves out what may have remained

A barren hollow

A lonely lane

The mask will crack

Let loose the rain

Weaving fiery tracks down their face

You’ve left them now to their pain

Your death will sit in many empty hearts

I see her in the heat of July

In the bright fires that shatter the sky

Their colors maiming the perfect black

A burst of rebellion

A vicious crack


I hear her in the silent snow

And in the savage winter wind’s blow

Whispers carried home to me

A violent longing

A desperate plea

A single wish - return to me


Her smile is waxen

Her skin is cold

Her laughter faded

Her ember old


Her love is strong

It does not fade

Though sorrow’s mountain casts a shade

Her song is sung

Her tune is spent

She did not know how much she meant


Friend and foe she left behind

But still she plays amongst their minds

In the ground though she lay

Her life lives on to this day