Volume 44 ~ 2022

Harper Fennel


The Light of the World


Bugs aren’t fascinating, 

but oddly, you are. 

When darkness overcomes

the green rows 

and dirt roads

you still manage to make 

the corn fields twinkle the 

same way as the stars. 

When we capture you in our jars, 

don’t be startled or frightened

Because we only do it to admire 

You and your brilliance.

In a Town Where the Doors Don’t Lock

After Morgan Wallen


Children walk the cracked and renewed streets of the world they own

Until they get bored and can't walk any longer. 


Instead, we run. 

We run to unfamiliar worlds that are much greater in size.

Tall buildings and large open parks full of people 

open our eyes wider, trigger our imagination.

We explore every interesting location, cities

Full of circuses and aquariums of mermaids.


We run and meet new friends and escape from our usual.

We experience hardships and troubles 

Facing problems with friends and money

That we never thought we would have to deal with. 

We make mistakes and learn from some,

Depending on the situation. 

Stupid decisions are made until we realize that is not what we are meant to do.  

We run looking for what we are supposed to do. 

We run until we realize that our hometown is the only place that really feels like home.

A Sweet Life


Excitement and joy flow through my body as soon as I see her flick the blinker left. The reflection of the almost-full moon glistens off of the miniature ripples in the water surrounding the road. Before the speed limit even hits sixty-five, we are hauling across the bridge that cuts the lake into uneven parts. There is nothing but pitch black darkness ahead of us, aside from the small area the headlights cover. Dotted yellow lines and circular reflectors beside us race by as the time on the clock stands still. With all the windows rolled down, the wind starts to blow harder through my hair as our speed increases. I feel a smile stretch widely across my face as the tune to my favorite song starts playing from the speakers. I reach over and turn up the volume on the dash to as loud as it can go. At the same time, I turn on my wireless microphone and prepare to sing loud enough for the disco lights to turn on. The hot, lake-smelling wind mixed with the Little Trees car scent we bought together relaxes me and makes me want this moment to last forever. 

I take another bite of my chocolate ice cream, trying hard not to let the wind take the spoon right out of my hand. The sweet taste of the cold midnight snack perfectly relates to my sweet life and this sweet moment. 

The base in the background of Tate McRae’s perfect voice rattles the seat below me and I can feel the vibration in my heart. Behind this perfect mess, the seatbelt alarm dings, but is ignored by the both of us. The figure flashing on the dash reminds me of how easy it would be to buckle, but leaving it unbuckled makes me feel invincible. Like I have the world to myself with all of my favorite things right in front of me. 

No matter how many times I drive this road, I’m always left wondering where it leads. I choose to follow the headlights. Darkness far beyond, behind, and beside me. But everything from what I might be missing out on to where I might be in the future is left in the darkness. I let the headlights illuminate my current path and take me where I am going. I follow the path the headlights create on the road as well as in my life. They take me to where I am supposed to go, but until then, I don’t know where I am going. 

Yet similar to life, a headlight doesn’t last forever. So turn up the volume, sing louder, and leave your irrelevant worries in the darkness.