Volume 41 ~ 2018



SHP Art Class

Kailyn Drain - Holdrege
2nd Year SHP
MacKenna Hunt - Southern Valley
2nd Year SHP
"Yellow Boots"
Kelsey Kermmoade - Alma
3rd Year SHP
"A Smirk in the Sky"
Kyauna Kring - Southern Valley
1st Year SHP
"Un Gatto Semplice"
Kamryn Lynch - Holdrege
2nd Year SHP
Winona Mitchell - Southern Valley
1st Year SHP
"The Dancer"
Megan Mowry - Cambridge
2nd Year SHP
"Two-Faced City"
Grace Pistulka - Wilcox/Hildreth
3rd Year SHP
"Surf's Up"
Amelia Sayers - Cambridge
3rd Year SHP
Joplin Smith - Minden
1st Year SHP
"Lost in Wonderland"
Alissa Vlach - Alma
4th Year SHP
"A Trip to Wonderland"
Brittany Williams - Cambridge
4 Years SHP