Volume 43 ~ 2021

Maxine Fickenscher

Emma Grude
Alizabeth McDermott
Jerzie Vap

I love my cerebral palsy

I love me

I want to ice my ankles almost every night

Sometimes I want to scream and cry

But I love it still

I get to waddle like a duck

I get to take breaks in PE when no one else does

Most of all I love it because I can help

I can help that kid who thinks they're alone

I can help that parent who blames themselves 

I can be a beacon of hope for a better life

So I Thank God that I'm alive 

That I can be a light 

That I have these scars

So don't call me disabled 

That's not true

I am differently-abled 

And I want others to see that too

I love me

Every part

I love my cerebral palsy

     -For my big brother who helped me see the light

Her Story of Fire 


     ¨Smoke hung so thick in the library's rafters she could read words in it¨

     The library was on fire; she was on fire. 

     She was stuck in the fire and couldn't get out, but she didn't mind. She didn’t want to get out. The fire was nice; the fire consumed her. But the fire was in her mind. The book in her hand was the source, and the words were the smoke. She breathed them in, and they stuck with her, she didn't want to let them go. The fire kept her warm when the world was so cold. The fire may leave a scar, but she doesn't care. The book would stay with her forever that way. She would prefer to leave the real world reduced to ash. She would rather have the fire and the smoke, she would rather have the burns and scars. Other people may not understand the attraction she has towards the fire and the smoke. They may call her weird or odd, but she doesn't care, the cold of the world may have contaminated their hearts but she won’t let it contaminate hers. When her mother told her it was time to go, the ice-cold air of the world smothered out the fire. But there was still the smoke and the burns, and hope to return to the fire. 





The Bridge Between (Prologue)


     Once there were two islands in the middle of the Pacific ocean covered up by thick, dense clouds. These islands were unknown to all except the strange humans who inhabited them. Humans with glowing eyes. The islands were known as the Island of Light and the Island of Dark. 

On the Island of Light, there was a large lighthouse, bright colors were encouraged, and life was abundant. The people on this island wanted life outside of the mysterious clouds to know they were there. They thought that they had light and hope to give to the outside world.


They thought themselves to be servants of all other life.


     On the Island of Dark, there was a large dark stone castle, bright colors were discouraged and the humans were the only life form on the island, so pale and unexposed to light they almost looked gray. The people there believe that the clouds were there for a reason, they thought they were meant to be closed off from the world. 


They thought themselves to be above all other life.


     The people of the islands preferred to ignore each other, so much so they almost forgot of the other island’s existence...almost. 

The Real Princess Warrior

My mama is too good for me

As a kid, she told me I could be anything I wanted to be

A princess ruling a far off land 

While in a tattered play worn princess dress

Balancing books on my head refusing to let gravity win

Or running barefoot on the grass, singing to every animal I could find

She would tell me good job! 

And ¨admire¨ my skill

She said I could be a warrior fighting for what is right 

Letting me train every day 

So that one day I could become the world's best princess warrior 

While warning me not to break anyone or anything in the house

What she doesn't see is she is that inspiration for me 

She is that princess holding her head high

She is that warrior fighting the things that cause her pain

She is strong, funny, brave, loving, beautiful

Everything I aspire to be 

My mama is too good for me