Volume 43 ~ 2021        

Emma Grube


The Fox

I creep silently, stalking my prey.

With the cold wind nipping at my tail,

and the hungry cries ringing through my head.

I lunge to feed the hungry mouths.

My jaws snap on empty air.

I trek home to my den bearing bad news.

My shame begging me to turn and run,

never to return.

But I forage on praying for a second chance.

Up ahead, food for the hungry mouths.

To which I return, a new warmth filling me.



     “Smoke hung so thick in the library’s rafters that she could read words in it.” 

     The smoke brought memories of her home back, the yelling voices syncing with the words drifting through the smoke above. She violently shook her head, trying- to no avail- to rid the plaguing thoughts from her mind. More and more smoke filled the room until the girl was drowning in it. The words that came with the smoke shouted louder than ever before, blending with the child’s terrified cries. Memories crashed with reality. Tears streamed down her face. She looked around for an escape. Nothing but smoke and words encompassed the child. Suddenly, a hand stretched through the smoke towards the girl. The girl cowered from it, terrified of the memories that would follow with the contact. Another hand joined the first, both grabbing the girl’s shoulders. The hands shook the girl’s shoulders until she snapped back to reality. She took in her surroundings- the too white walls and books lined up perfectly like soldiers in a row. But most of all, she took in the air. The fresh, smoke-free air. No words haunted her, but she knew the freedom was short-lived; it would only last until she stepped through her beat-down house’s front door. Then the terrors of the nightmare would come to life- the cigarette smoke and the drunken words thrown around like a football. The keyless lock and chain that will bind for as long as she knows.


Stay gold…

I can’t, I’m too;

Sad, Mad, Jealous,


There’s no more gold left for me.

I pretend I’m “golden” for everyone,

But I’m not…

I never was.

My facade just stopped 

So now you know,

I was never “golden”.

What you saw before was just fool’s gold.

All In Deles

     Blanche Williams looked simple to the naked eye. With deep burgundy hair, icy blue eyes, a pale complexion, high cheekbones, and a cold demeanor, she seemed exactly like the perfect Victorian Era child. But this was not the case for Blanche. Because of her tendency to do ‘unladylike’ things, such as not wearing a dress and fighting, she was under constant supervision since her mother constantly worried about the Williams family reputation becoming tarnished. 


     Her mother always made her balance books on her head, cinch up her corsets until she couldnt breath, and uncross her legs when she sat. No matter what her mother tried, Blanche always knew she never belonged to her era.


    Aaron Lewis is your average 80’s boy. His everyday clothes included a button-up polo shirt, denim jacket, dad jeans, and his favorite pair of hightops. Even his facial features screamed 80’s, with a curly mop of hair, sparkling hazel eyes, and sharp jawline. Everyone in the school considered him the ‘popular kid’ and said he was the best suited for their Greed Decade. Aaron himself never believed it. He, deep down, knew that he was old-souled and belonged somewhere else. He’d soon figure out just where this somewhere is.