Volume 38 ~ 2015




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Monica Bell (Alma-5th year SHP)

5’4” and full of fury, Monica Nicole Bell is a horrid graduated student from Alma High School. She enjoys drinking coffee, torturing children, and making everyone around her cry. She has a little brother Matthew, who’s way cooler, smarter, and better looking than her. She’s an amazing writer and makes everyone else feel worthless. She also drives a pimpin’ yellow car where she hides dead, tortured children in the trunk.


Alora Clipp (Alma-4th year SHP) 

Alora Clipp comes from the island of Orleans-lantis which is surrounded by a lake full of merpeople, pirates, and freshwater sharks. Her favorite activity is reading her poetry off the MerryMac boat dock to her large, aquatic audience. She usually knows that she can expect clapping and flapping of fins after each of her unique performances. Sometimes, Alora can be seen galloping on her robust hunk of a llama, Jeffrey Clippers, over the mountains and hills that make up the scenic island of Orleans-lantis. As the sole inhabitant of the island, she is rather sad to have to depart her beloved homeland and her dear merfriends of the lake to sail off to a new adventure as a freshfish in college this next fall.



Cora Welton (Franklin-4th year SHP)

Cora Welton hails from the city of Franklin, Nebraska. As a 4th year creative writer, her brain has turned to mush along with her beautiful vocal chords. Cora can no longer talk. This has made many people happy, especially her mom, Gary. Next year, she will be the princess, as Gary is already the Queen, and she will rule with an iron fist. Her first order of business will be to paint the entire town of Holdrege a vibrant blue.



Lilia Aberle (Franklin-2nd year SHP)

Lilia Aberle is in her second year of Creative Writing. She loves to have fun with her friends, both on the volleyball court and off. Some (Gary) call her “Tiger Lily”, and she occasionally answers to it. On Thursdays she is a llama doctor, followed by being a stand-in mortician on Fridays. Her plans for the future include, but are not limited to; joining the Amish Mafia, skydiving, becoming a certified clown, ruling the world, and becoming rich. She likes the movies Toy Story and Elf. She loves iCarly because she thinks Freddie is “OMG, so hawt!” She plays the guitar and looooves band camp. Her favorite smurf is Brainy because she desires to be just like him.


Anna Stenka (Alma- 2nd year SHP)

Anna may be known in the future as the protector of the mascots. This year she succeeded protecting multiple mascots, not just our beloved Yukon. She likes to listen to loud music in her car (which smells amazing). Just last week, Anna was walking down the street and heard a child yelling for help in a burning building, so Anna ran in and pulled the child to safety. Anna’s style is pretty wicked, and she likes to confuse people by wearing skirts that look like shorts. She’s a pretty awesome gal!



Zoey Klein (Holdrege - 2nd year SHP)

is a bitter and hateful person towards cement but loves gravel. Her pastimes include practicing her juggling skills, eating pistachios, and building her shrine to Louis Pasteur. Her favorite color is purple except for when it is in slushie form. Babies cry near her because they know she isn’t a person but two gnomes in a coat. Zoey’s darkest secret is killing gingers and stealing back the souls they collected. Zoey absolutely hates the game ‘the floor is lava’ because her brother died in a freak lava accident in Hawaii…



Jade Gonzalez (Bertrand-1st year SHP)

Stumbling into the room with a huge bag of candles stolen from Goodwill, Jade exclaims, “THE FLOOR IS LAVA.” And then promptly hops around the room on chairs to avoid burning her legs off. Also, she likes to set up a pentagram in the middle of the room as a place to do her Devil summonings. She doesn’t really summon the Devil; she just asks the spirits of the dead kittens Gary has killed if she should dye her hair purple again (they say she should). Jade is often found hiding under desks in class and asking people to name her dogs while waving wildly at them with her freakishly cute baby hands.

Liv O’Clair (Loomis-1st year SHP) 

Liv O’Clair, a.k.a Jesus, is a part-time professional stalker who enjoys eating roasted Barbies while looking through your window. In her spare time, she is a Disney princess who nurses baby birds back to health. She resides in the Kingdom of Loomis and is an avid participant in wild bear wrestling, body hunting, and coming up with amazingly creative names for computer games. Her favorite color is clear, her favorite movie is American Sniper, and she dreams about teddy bears shooting paper darts at her. Her favorite part of Summer Honors was meeting Abby Waldo (awww!) and has ten siblings; all of their names start with Q.


Abby Waldo (Alma-1st year SHP)

Abby Waldo is a first year creative writer from Alma, the most wonderful place in the world.  She invented the Super Organized Awesome Backpack, SOAB for short.  When she’s not running track, Abby is a medal-winning crime buster.  She listens to A LOT of Adam Levine. On her birthday, (May 14 whoop whoop!) Abby wears a sombrero to celebrate her Mexican heritage (or lack thereof). She eats doughnuts for every meal and surprisingly doesn’t have a boyfriend. So hit her up.


Alivia RaeAnna Wasenius (Arapahoe-1st year SHP)

Alivia is a first year in creative writing who comes from the boring town of Arapahoe. She is quite a joy to have around the creative writing room with her Rapunzel-like hair bringing in all the boys, she’s without a doubt the princess of the creative writing room. Whether she’s napping during story time or coming back from break late, she always seems to be cracking some sort of joke that we all laugh hysterically at (but only to boost her ego). Alivia is 4 foot nothing but don’t let that fool you, there’s a great chance that she’s responsible for two deaths in the creative writing room this year. If you see her in the hall, tell her she has beautiful eyes!


Mariah Watson (Arapahoe-1st year SHP) 

Mariah Watson hails from the smallish country of Arapahoe, where prairie dogs roam freely. Many people do not know that prairie dogs are descendants of bison which were domesticated by the Watson family hundreds of years ago. Now, instead of taming bison into prairie dogs, Mariah tames words into poetry and prose. She is also the sister to one of the Summer Honors nobles, Levi Watson, who is the father to Maude.

Emily Wiese (Holdrege-1st year SHP)

was caught beating her koala, Jug, in the street even though she doesn’t have a koala, but don’t tell her that! She loves the color green and Crayola markers, but not green Crayola markers. She says they remind her too much of rotting grass. Her dog, Coco, often runs in circles yelling profanities in dog language; she’s a little frisky (insert winky face). She has a little bother, I mean brother, whose name is Hayden. Emily is never seen getting a drink because she’s secretly a mermaid and if she gets wet, she’ll turn into one. *GASP*

Gary Dop (Instructor- 7th year SHP)

Gary Dop sails boats made of cheese. That’s a metaphor for something. Gary one day hopes to be a master violinist and a pacifist assassin, who kills people by hanging out with them until they die of natural causes.  When Gary was seven, he was offered cow tongue, and while taking the first bite, he bit his own tongue. Since that moment, he has made a point to care for all creatures and to live among the neighborhood mice, who roam free and love to sail with Gary.  On each new voyage, you’re likely to hear the mice say, “Let us go to the waters with Gary and eat the cheese boat until we drown.”