Volume 38 ~ 2015



Twitter Pieces


Abby Waldo



Standing on chairs,

Our heads touch the heavens.

The sap of creativity

Flows into our feet.

Through the creaky chairs.



The drops of sunshine 

taste sweet, like honey.

I never want to leave this place,

the candied blaze of sunlight.



Alivia Wasenius


My brain is empty. Gary gave me a prompt, but I have nothing to say about taxis. So I’m writing about death. All of my brain cells died.



Mariah Watson


I know nothing of Amsterdam

except its beauty.

And drugs.



Jade Gonzalez



Welcome to the 21st century. Patience has died. For example this needs to be 140 characters or less. Point made.



I really hate twitter. This atrocity brought us #’s. What even is a #? I also really hate hashbrowns. #hashbrowns



I am a goldfish with an illustrious history. For example, I’ve seen the world’s first … Wait, where am I again? Wait who am I?



Monica Bell



Olive looked in the mirror. She hoped to see beauty. But the mirror was full of lies.



Red. White. Blue. Crisscrossed stars and stripes. #Free



Anna Stenka



Oily air, greasy skin,

hot stove tops, and

delicately arranged lemons.

Potato pans and crushed croutons.

Take orders and

watch the clock.



Smell the air; he fails.

His mother will be home.

Scrape burnt chocolate into the trash

and spray Febreeze.

Bloodshot eyes

and goodbye Mary.



Green grass and

sunny days.


the squirrels play.

Birds in the sun and

fresh soil dug.

A brand new stone

of grey.



Zoey Klein


Dead fish coat 

the water’s surface.

I ask what kind and

the man says, “Bluegill.”



Cora Welton



Everyone laughs; I am silent.

Astronauts float eerily in space.

Why write when I can float

in this endless universe?

I power this spaceship.



How many drops of honey in brain juice tea fuel a writer's words? One for creativity, two for focus, and three for determination.



Liv O’Clair



They all say


You need to be

older, otherwise

you may not do this.


Then they say


You are old enough

to know more

and do better.





Stand on chairs,

shift from foot to foot,


the incessant squeaks

scream in your ears.


You must be noticed.

Do not conform;


you must stand out.



Lilia Aberle



The boy reached into the bag and pulled out a gun. The man behind him uttered, “Please not me,” as he fell to the ground.



She read his last letter over and over again, hoping it would make his presence stronger, but she knew he’d never come back.



His grip on the bat grew stronger with every step he took towards home plate--head down, ignore the chaos. Batter up.



Alora Clipp



The broken minds of creative writers are worked until simple things become complex and the complexity of human relationships turn into mush.



I haven't been on my Twitter account for 5 years. I only have 4 followers; one of those lovely little followers is my ageless grandmother.



Rusty metal bangs against rusted steel walls; the air changes into something else and those who walk the streets sense the dangers ahead. 



Emily Wiese



Tye-dye mixes and blends

blues, purples, and reds,

until the right color combination is contrived.


The colors each

give their contribution 

to the pattern.



All the firing came to a stop,

leaving mangled, bloody bodies.


They served as a reminder of war, 

of what happens when man disagrees with himself.